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EJ-Server "a single user interface to all your E-Resources."

What is EJ-Server?

is a single user interface to all your E-Resources. It is a web content portal having a Integrated Search engine which we have developed indigenously to provide access to Table Of Contents (TOC), Abstracting Information of E-Journals, E-books, E-learning Courses along with all your subscribed E-resources i.e. Journals and Databases Subscribed in a Library or under Consortium arrangement.

What are the Search Facility and Types of search covered in EJ-Server?

Search Facility / Type Of Search

Basic Search : Provides access to Table of Contents as well as Abstracting and Bibliographic details of more than 13000+ Journals, Free Full Text Electronic Access to more than 2200 E-Journals. User can search specific information on fields like Journal Title, Article, Publisher, TOC, Abstract, Subject Category, ISSN, and Access Type.

Advance Search : Include access of the above, as well as Free Databases and Databases subscribed by the Institute

Search Option :

Text and Parametric Search :

Text Search : This interface will search the result from the database of all Journals, Publishers, Articles, TOC, Abstracts, Databases, E-books, and Online Tutorials etc.

Parametric Search : This search is more specific on a particular parameter like Journal Title, Publisher, Articles, Databases, E-books, TOC, or Abstracts etc. The user is also facilitated with the option of choosing Subject level 1 (Subject category) and Subject level 2 (Sub Categories) of the Subject.

What is the current coverage of EJ-Server?
  • Access to more than 13000 Journals TOC, Abstracting Information.?
  • Full Text Access to 3734 e-contents in which there are 2200+ E- Journals.
Free journals in below categories are :
  1. Agriculture Science - 104
  2. Art and Humanities - 579
  3. Biological Science - 115
  4. Business Studies, Economics & Management - 248
  5. Computer Science & Information Technology - 144
  6. Chemical Sciences - 52
  7. Environmental Science - 50
  8. Engineering & Technology - 296
  9. Legal and Law - 68
  10. Library & Information Science - 46
  11. Medical Science - 624
  12. Mathematics - 77
  13. Pharmaceutical Science - 58
  14. Physics - 55
  • Access to E-Books, E-Learning Courses/Tutorials in the areas of ComputerScience, Telecommunication, Management Skills, and other subjects like Medical Sciences, Social Science etc.
  • Access to Free Database
  • Acess to all the Subscribed Journals, Databases, E-Books subscribed by an Individual Library or Consortium Access to all the above.

How EJ-Server Can Be Implemented?

On-site customization of EJ-Server and archive services : EJ-Server can also be integrated with all the links of E-journals and Databases subscribed by the user institution along with EJ-Server Directory, TOC, Database, linking and archiving solutions hosted on the customer's site.

Consortium-based services : EJ-Server will support members of a library consortium to access all the above resources.

Who can access EJ-Server?

EJ-Server is a Paid Subscription Service to the subscriber, however 15 days Free Trial access or for pricing details. Please contact us at: tls@del3.vsnl.net.in

How to access EJ-Server?

You can use EJ-Server by either having a User ID and Password or having an IP based access.
EJ-Server can be accessed online through Internet connection by Internet Service Provider like VSNL or Satyam Online. For sharing the resources on EJ-Server with several users on your LAN you will need an Intranet set-up with Internet connectivity (shared dial-up, ISDN or leased line connectivity).

What are the benefits of EJ-Server to user libraries?

EJ-Server has several benefits to user libraries. These include :
  • A single window interface for table of contents and abstracting information of m
  • ore than 13,000 E-journals.
  • Free Full text access to around 2200 journals, databases, E-books, E-learning courses.
  • Advanced mechanism for searching the required topic from all the E-Journals / Databases that a library or library consortium may subscribe to.
  • Single password or IP enabled access to users for all the Electronic resources subscribed by the user library.
  • Document delivery option for non-subscribers.
  • Convenience of e-commerce for handling e-journal subscriptions.
  • Round the clock access.

Currently, EJ-Server covers online Journals, Databases, E-books and E-learning Courses.

What are the free services that EJ-Server provides

EJ-Server currently provides the following free services :
  • Free single window interface for table of contents and abstracting information of more than 13,000 E-journals.
  • Full Text Access to 3734 E-Contents out of which 2200+ are E- Journals.

Yes! EJ-Server can be content customized by integrating all the electronic resources subscribed by the user library, thereby providing them with their own customized version of EJ-Server to ensure Single Window Interface to all E- resources.

How does EJ-Server support document delivery?

After identifying an article from TOC browsing and / or bibliographic database search, users can access the full text for subscribed journals. For articles from non-subscribed E-journals, users can register their request for document delivery, at a price. EJ-Server will evolve a suitable pricing and supply mechanism in association with publishers and document delivery agencies to ensure timely delivery of the article.

Will EJ-Server support article level subscriptions? Does it support pay-per-view? What are the prices?

EJ-Server supports pay per view and soon will come up with the mechanism of subscribing to a set of articles from a select number of E-Journals, rather than subscribing to the entire journals. We are in a process of developing the pricing model for the same after discussing the issue with various publishers.

EJ-Server is supported by high-speed Internet connectivity, Web Server at USA for fast access; Advanced Search Engines along with round the clock support services.

EJ-Server’s future plans?

  • Full Text Access preview of more than 30,000 journals. Since our development of EJ Server is on going these numbers are increasing every day. This would allow our EJ-Server users to preview full text of new publisher's journals/periodicals.
  • Customized Hosting and archiving of EJ-Server at the customer's site.
  • Pay per view document delivery services, Integration of supply status and local holdings.
  • Authorization from new publishers for full-text access to journals.
  • Online subscription enquiries and full online subscription.
  • Consortium pricing options for electronic subscription.

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