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1) Steps for using EJ-Server

Step1: Select the type of Search (described below) as desired.

Step2 : Login with your ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ if you do not have I P enabled Access

Step3 : Fill in the required inputs for search and click ‘Search Button’ for results.

2) Search Options

a) Text Search
b) Parametric Search

Text Search : It is used when you wish to search your target from all available Online Resources. This interface will search the result from the database of all Journals, Publishers, Articles, TOC, Abstracts, Databases, E-books, and Online Tutorials etc.

The method of Text Search is illustrated below using an example :

Step 1 : Enter the word (e.g. ‘Economics’) in the Text Search field

Step 2 : Then click the button ‘Text Search’.

Result : Text Search’ will produce all the matching results from all Journals, Publishers, Articles, TOC, Abstracts, Databases, E-books, and Online Tutorials etc.

Parametric Search : It is preferred when the search has to be more specific on a particular parameter like Journal Title, Publisher, Articles, Databases, E-books, TOC, or Abstracts etc. This search interface will search your target only by that parameter which you have specified in the field. The user is also facilitated with the option of choosing Subject level 1 (Subject category) and Subject level 2 (Sub Categories of the Subject) for making the search more specific.

An example is illustrated below :

Step 1 : Choose any of the parametric field (e.g. Journal Title), check the box before ‘Journal Title’ and enter the word ‘Economics’.

Step 2 : Click on ‘Search’ button.

Result : Parametric Search’ will produce all the matching results with ‘Economics’
existing only in database of Journal Title.

3) Search Criteria
  • Basic Search
  • Advance Search

Basic Search : Provides access to Table of Contents as well as Abstracting and Bibliographic details of more than 16,000 Journals and Free Full Text Electronic Access to more than 2,500 E-Journals. User can search specific information in fields like Journal Title, Article, Publisher, TOC, Abstract, Subject Category, ISSN, and Access Type. You can search on a single search field or multiple Search Parameters.

Advance Search : User Can Search on various fields like Free Databases / Subscribed Databases, E-Books, Online Tutorials apart from having all search facility included in Basic Search.

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